How to Maximize ROI with Professional Website Design

Maximize ROI with Professional Website Design

“First impression is the last impression”
This statement is very true in internet business. Your website is a door way to your visitors if you are unable to delight and attract them with a good and simple look/feel of a website, you lose them instantly. Don’t expect that the visitor will probably come again to visit your site anymore through referrals or visiting directly. So what you need to do to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) by showing a professional website design to your visitor who is going to become your customer.

  • First of all check the navigation hierarchy of your website. Put yourself into the shoe of visitor and then see which paths are difficult to reach in your website. Brainstorm to reduce the number of clicks required to reach any web page within your site. Carefully prepare a sitemap of your website and see the flaws in it, then make the hierarchy from top to down listing URLs at different levels. For example, you can list categorize your pages on the basis of number of clicks
Webpages reachable with single click
Webpages reachable with 2 clicks
Webpages reachable with 3 clicks
Webpages reachable with n clicks

Now set your navigation plan so that any web page within your website should be reachable with up to maximum of 3 clicks. Because visitors normally don't go beyond this level and pages under 4th level will not get visitor attention.
  • The second most important thing is the use of CSS instead of embedded tags for formatting of the content on web page. Present your visitor with a clean and neat content with appropriate and prominent headings and good readable fonts. Don’t use embedded HTML tags like Font Tag etc. to apply formatting. It is a good practice to use external CSS to design your website instead of inner CSS classes.
  • Make sure that your website is W3C complaint, this will give search engines a clear picture of your website and they will index and crawl easily. It will also increase your credibility in the long run.
  • You can make use of Flash Content for giving your website a good look with descent animation or attractive content but don’t overuse it. As Crawlers cannot index the text within flash objects, so only make a wise percentage of content to show via Flash.
  • Also make sure that your website is compatible with major browsers like IE, Firefox and Safari. Your webpages may run flawlessly on one browsers but may present your visitors with lot of bugs in User interface in another browser. So cross check your website compatibility on all major browsers.

Now you may be thinking that how these all things can contribute towards maximizing ROI. Ask yourself, would you go to a grand party with ugly cloths ?? it will definitely hurt your personality. Would you go unprepared to sell your product to a potential customer and you even don’t have answers to defend your product.

Same is the case with websites. They are opening door to your visitors who may become your returning customers. So you should welcome them in such a way that they believe in what you say and what you have to offer them. In first look, your website should look a quality product to your visitors. Remember the small things we ignore are the fundamental parts to success.


  1. Excellent advice for the most part! I create web sites myself, an I'm wondering why you are so sold on CSS?

    I chose not to use CSS at one point because some web browsers didn't display it correctly. Has that been addressed and fixed?

  2. Web applications, web programming and database driven websites are essential part of life. Online banking, booking forms, b-pay and search engines are all common internet applications that are integral part of any website. Keeping it secured will make visitors constantly return to your site.

  3. Never thought why other are dying for theor ROI. Security wise it can help your site to know how much progress you do and how to maintain it or improve it.