Choose Best Keywords, make optimization and get the full power of SEO

Increasing the website traffic is core objective of all SEO (search engine optimization) activities. By quality traffic, we mean that people should get the content for which they were looking for, while landing to your webpage and that’s it. But for different key terms, the traffic graph greatly varies, so if you want high traffic, you should target those keywords in which the competition is somewhat medium, even it seems very difficult to achieve at the very first glance but if you are following all the techniques in your website then this should not be a big problem for you. If you are choosing best keywords and proper optimization in right manner, you will surely get high volumes of traffic and hence increasing sales or whatever your initial goal is.

For optimization of a web page, you need to choose best keywords relevant to the content present in the body. Here, we will discuss all keyword selection and optimization techniques which you can use to maximize the SERP (search engine result position) of your website with proven results.

There are mainly 2 simple steps for achieving boost in traffic with targeted audience.

Keyword Selection: Whatever business you are doing! You are offering something to your customers. Customers will get to your business by typing some keywords on search engine which should probably take them to your website. So you need to SELECT those keywords, the visitor is searching for.

Optimizing Keywords: After keyword selection, you would need to optimize your selected keywords so that you should get higher position in search engine result pages.
Now we will discuss these 2 steps in detail.

Search engines like Google crawls any webpage from top left to bottom right, the closer you have placed your main keywords to the top left side, the more weight will you receive. This can be said as top-bottom approach of keyword optimization. This is very natural too, as people will also see your page in this way while reading, so putting emphasize on this part of webpage is crucial to your success.

Selecting the best keywords

Before going into any detail, you need to understand what is meant by best. By best we primarily mean the traffic or number of visitors looking for that keyword, so you should go for the keywords which are relevant to your context and their monthly or daily traffic graph is higher. You can always find high traffic search terms for any business through different programs. We will show you, how to accomplish this. Actually there are some programs available that can do it for you.

Google keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool is the best solution for anyone serious in getting the best keyword for their website at no cost. It is totally FREE and provides very sophisticated statistical results. You can access it at

Use this Google Suggestion tool to obtain a list of keywords that contains your business idea. You would require entering keywords or phrases related to your business or you can also provide your website address and Google will suggest keywords for you. Screen shot of this is shown below:

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

For demonstration purpose, we input “Job” as input to this tool and it returned the results in following pattern. Only a portion of the result set is shown in the screen shot below:

Keywords Result

Word Tracker

Word Tracker is also very effective solution for choosing best keywords with accurate data of monthly traffic estimates along with other features. It will cost you $59 per month for continuous access to their complete keyword database. UK customers will have to pay only $25. You can access it here

Keyword Elite

This is yet another nice software that can not only suggest you best keywords but also help you in launching successful Adwords campaign through its easy to us GUI.

Optimizing Keywords

The most important thing that you should understand is your landing page, where the customer would be taken to when he/she will click your website in search engine result page. You landing page should provide customer with the content for which he/she clicked your website by looking at the title and short description in result page. This is called relevancy and is also crucial to your success with advertising campaigns that you might have planned in future to increase website traffic even further. When optimizing your pages, think like a searcher. Navigate your website by assuming yourself to be as a customer and find out holes and improvements needed in most prominent pages.

There are many factors you should consider to increase your website quality and relevancy. You title tags should represent the body theme and it should represent the content which visitor is looking for in your website, plus you should have reasonable propagation of main keywords in your webpage. Major headings should also support your title tag and abstract of your webpage i.e. initial text of page should be in close relation with the subject. Also try to focus on META tags. Internal and external linking should also have your main keywords present, never use click here text or anything like that, instead specify descriptive hyperlinks throughout your website.

This is all what you need to boost your traffic with best keywords and with proper optimization of those keywords.

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