Important and Helpful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Rather than using difficult to understand terminology such as search term vectors or Google similarity, I’ll simply explain the important and helpful SEO techniques that I have found to actually work for clients. I will give you top guidelines for higher search engine visibility.

Some people really give a very high percentage for their search engine optimization success to be the PageRank (PR) factor. But this is not the only factor that Google apply to rank results in its search. In our view, Google uses almost more than 150 signals to determine the rank of a page. We will only mention the very important ones here and by using and implementing these in your website will definitely give you a boost in traffic and rankings.

Keyword use in title tag
This is one of the most important techniques. Many website owners don’t know the importance of this single criterion. You can consider a Title tag as a topic to your essay. The title tag represents the content present on the webpage, so it should be very comprehensive and should show the theme of whole webpage.

Anchor text of inbound link
This is another factor which Google uses to calculate the relevancy of the material to which the page is referred to in the inbound link.

Age of site
SEO is a slow process in its nature. You cannot expect the results to come within days. Continuous effort is required for higher rankings. It is normally seen that if all factors are kept constant (just to give an example), the website with more age will get higher rankings as compared to the website with almost same content and niche but is newer.

Keyword use in body text
Keywords used in body text contain a reasonable weight for search engine optimization. They should be in alignment with the keywords used in Title tag. And it is recommended that title keywords should be present in first or second paragraph of the body text, because search engines tend to give higher ranking to them than the ones used in the middle or at the end of content.

Global link popularity of linking site
This factor is directly related to PageRank of your own website. If many high PR websites are pointing a link to your website, you got a very good chance to have high PR too. But remember the incoming links should be relevant; otherwise you will not get the true benefit of linking.

Avoid duplicate content on web pages across your entire website
It is highly recommended to use unique content for your web pages. Don’t use duplicate content in any case. Google loves unique content, so as other search engines. But Google gives a very high priority and value to content which is high in quality and relevancy to the topic.

External links to low-quality/spam sites
Never link your website to low quality websites because they will harm your Search engine optimization (SEO) standings in long run. Avoid linking to websites with no PR at all. You can see this by installing Google toolbar for firefox or IE and enabling page rank in the options. Few of the poor quality websites may be spam sites, so always make sure before pointing to such a website.

Avoid keyword stuffing / spamming
Stuffing means that you are placing same keyword on many places and all over your webpage. Never use your main Title keyword more than 20% in your body area. If you do so, Google may consider this as keyword spamming and may penalize you for this.

Slow server response times
This is a very common web page problem. Try to avoid heavy javascript and other snippets on your web pages that can reduce the response time of your website. Many web developers and SEO experts under estimate this factor. Always keep your website response time high.

Low levels of regular visitors
Visitors show the overall traffic of your website. Google also consider this factor for search engine result positioning and PR. If you got low levels of visitors, try to increase it via using different techniques like social networking, RSS feeds or subscriptions to your visitors.


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