Google AdWords Overview and Campaigns Management

Google AdWords is a powerful online marketing tool. Google can generate high volume of targeted traffic to your website within your specified budget. There are following two major areas where you can advertise your site.
  1. Search Network
  2. Content Network

Search Network

Google Search Network shows Ads on top and right side of Google Search Pages. Your Ads will be seen with targeted keywords on Google Search pages. The Ads placement from top to bottom at right panel of may vary depending on the CPC set for the campaign and with respect to competition on that keyword.

Content Network

Google Content Network includes hundreds of websites on which your Ads will be seen. Google Content Network is very sensitive and only shows Ads relevant to the subject. So your Ads will be shown only on content networks that will match our keywords criteria.

What are Google Adwords Campaigns?

Campaigns are used to advertise the Product or Service through dedicated Ads. One campaign may consist of Multiple Ad Groups. For example, if you have a website on books and authors, you may have separate Campaigns for your Author and Book Stores. In Author Store you can have several Ad Groups for different authors that are most popular. One Ad unit in an Ad Group can be served with different Ad Variations from design point of view. It may include image and text ads with different sizes and styles.

Conducting a Keyword Research

First of all you should conduct a Keyword research, because you will be advertising on the basis of keywords and your Campaign will target those keywords. It is a good practice to brainstorm the Keywords that are relevant to your product or service that you are going to offer to increase traffic and convert that traffic into your desired goals, such as Purchases or Signups. For keyword research, you can use the Google AdWords tool:
This tool can also suggest keywords based on your website. You can provide your website address to this tool and it can extract a huge list all relevant keywords that you can consider for your Campaign. You can get more accurate estimates of hourly search volume for the particular Keyword from the tool below:
You can also use VRE toolbar along with Fire fox browser to analyze monthly search volumes, CPC (Cost per Click), and maximum and minimum biding for the keyword.

Location and Language for Ads

Geographical targeting is very important for Campaign management. Ads can be targeted based on locations and languages. For example you can make a campaign that you want to launch only in specific places and states of USA.

Controlling Budget

Each Campaign has a specific Budget/day, which can be changed at any time. The Ads are run and displayed by Google at Search network and Content networks with prescribed budget set by Administrator. As far as the Ad units are concerned, you can set budget for them individually, but this budget will fall under the total budget that you have set for the whole Campaign. The Budget can also be set for Content networks and Search networks separately.

Google Adwords and its impact on SEO

It is noted that Google Adwords traffic has a positive impact on SEO. Google Adwords can generate huge volumes of traffic, and this is one sign of website popularity. It flags a green signal to search engines that this website got too many visitors per day and its reliability is high. Even Google may give you little favor in your search rankings for this.

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