Google AdWords Program Setup - Step by Step

Google AdWords Program Setup
Follow the steps as mentioned below to create and setup an account with Google Adwords. (follow step by step)

1. You can start participating in Google AdWords program by registering an account with them and providing $5 starting fee. It can be done via Credit Card Transaction. The registration process is shown briefly in the following demo:

2. Before starting campaigns, you should conduct a keyword research first. For this purpose you can use the free tools available on the internet like Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. This Research may take about 2-3 days to select the appropriate keywords that have high traffic volume and are appropriate for your website.

3. After keyword research, the next step is to create campaigns for different sections of your website.

4. After creating campaigns, next you will create Ad units for each of the Ad Groups.

5. Image Ads can be made in any tool like Photoshop and there are different variations in size for image ads. Image ads are more attractive than text ads but are served less than text Ads.

6. After creating campaigns and Ad Groups the next step is to assign CPC (Cost per Click) for each Ad unit. Budget for Search and Content networks are handled separately. You can start with an intelligent estimate to assign cost for a keyword from the tool mentioned above.

7. After performing all the above steps and activating all the campaigns, Google will review and approve the Ads and this process may take a bit of time to show our ads for the selected keywords.

8. After the Ads start showing for selected keywords, you can start monitoring the reports to optimize the budget as well as your goals.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. This is helpful to me. The main thing is that you told it step by step. This is the best thing.