SEO and Google Analytics - The best match for Integration

Google Analytics and SEO
Google has a lot to offer for website optimization and tracking, it has many sophisticated tools that you can use freely to promote your website and to monitor its performance over time. One such tool is Google Analytics. You can use this tool to take control of your SEO activities and monitor them in real time. Google analytics provides in-depth analysis of your site visitors, traffic sources, content and regional data for geo targeting. You can even set your Goals which you want to achieve over time.

Google Analytics also have a Dashboard, where you can see summary of all activities at one place and in rich graphical format. You can apply different filters to look for different patterns and insights into data. Below I am going to show you concrete steps to integrate this great free service into your own website or Blog.

Step: 1 Enter this address into your browser and launch Google Analytics. Click this link to launch Google Analytics

Step 2
If you have Gmail account, you can Login directly by pressing “Access Analytics” button and then signing in. If you don’t have Gmail account, then click Sign Up Now button.

Step 3
After your account has been created, its now time to setup your Google Analytics account. Login with your ID and password and provide the website URL asked. Also give your account a name and select appropriate time zone. Then hit “Continue”. Here you will provide your contact information, you must agree to the Terms of Service.

Step 4
At this stage you will be provided with the Code snippet. Copy it and paste it into your web pages just before the end of HTML body tag.

Step 5
Here you are almost done. Now you can track your website performance and reports in real time. Google may take few hours to display the reports for the very first time and information about the stats like visitors, traffic sources etc.

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