Important SEO Steps for Optimization of a Website

Below I am going to list some important and essential steps from basic to advance level for making your website optimized. I have divided them in four phases. Phase I through Phase III cannot be ignored if you are serious in your SEO efforts. Phase IV is optional but it will give you boost ahead of your competitors and it is recommended that you perform activities listed in phase IV to further take your site high in search engines.

SEO Steps – Phase I

  • Include your main keywords in domain name of website
  • Make a professional website design
  • Think about your navigation strategy and make it simple for users
  • Use keyword suggestion tools for getting keyword ideas

SEO Steps – Phase II

  • Write unique and quality content
  • Use CSS instead of HTML tags to format your pages
  • Include your keywords in Title tags
  • Never repeat same keywords in Title tags
  • Optimize headlines (H1 through H6)
  • Include Alt tags for images
  • Optimize your Meta tags, include only relevant keywords
  • Create a sitemap of your website

SEO Steps – Phase III

  • Embed your main keywords in body area at the top
  • Include your main keywords in anchor tags
  • Include links within the site of your pages (interlinking)
  • Submit your website to high PR directories

SEO Steps – Phase IV

  • Make Blog or Forum for active participation
  • Social bookmarkings and social media participation
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Inbound links building


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