What is Google Sandbox and Penalty Box

For a new website with a new domain, it can take months for Google to rank the site. Conventionally speaking, this has meant that a brand new website could not seem to rank high for much beyond its own domain name. After a few months, Google decides that it can “rust this newly created website and can let it rank. This indexing delay for new websites is called the Google Sandbox.

Google can also penalize websites that try to game their system. Many websites try this and practice un-ethical approaches to rank high in the search engine result positions. The intention behind may be lack of awareness, or someone just trying to rank #1 in matter of few days without following guidelines. But once identified, Google penalize the website and places it in its sandbox, where the site can stay for the rest of life, until following proper guidelines from Google. We normally call this the Penalty Box, which can be checked in the gray PageRank bar in Google toolbar for firefox and IE. To get out quickly from sandbox, you need to remove the worst things that get you banned and then follow the Google’s guidelines for webmasters. After you have cleared your website with Webmaster Central, you can request for inclusion again.

If you have a Blog or any forum where you accept comments from your visitors, specify the nofollow attribute for avoiding comment spam. This method is rather very important for your site to avoid going into Google sandbox. Because anyone can easily include a website link in comments which could already be in Google’s sandbox due to violation of webmaster guidelines for that website. Eventually your site may also go into sandbox as a link from your site would be pointing to a spam site. So be careful in this regard.

For more information on the nofollow attribute, visit this page at

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