How to Build Inbound Links with Online Promotion

After your website is keyword optimized, it is now time to build your inbound links. Please see my earlier posts for "How to Create Valuable and Keyword Focused Content". It is very important to watch your niche competition before you start working on inbound links. Try to Google the website in same niche area in which you are going to hit. Watch your competitor’s site carefully and watch directories in which they have been listed, also watch other popular websites linking to them. It should be your primary concern to build more quality incoming links then your competitor has. It is the most important criteria to beat them in main keyword competition.

For this reason, try to get links from the High PR websites and directories, this will definitely give you a certain boost in the long run. Here are few more techniques you can apply to boost your inbound links

• Use XML news feeds such as RSS to routinely syndicate your content to other sites.

• News aggregators are good for your feeds, Register with them.

• Content is the king. So write quality content in the form of articles on your most important topics for other sites, and have a link back to your website.

• If you are in business where you can create useful tools for your visitors, do it. It will give you free quality inbound links.

• Get listed in the major directories and in relevant categories. Like

• Acquire links from discussion forums, write articles, post to forums and use your link in signature files.

With regular promotion, the majority of new sites take from 6 to 9 months to rank high on Google. They take somewhat less time on Yahoo and MSN.

The Power of High Ranking Pages for Inbound Links

Links coming from high PR sites carry more weight than low PR sites. In fact, estimates show that a PR 6 link is worth 100+ PageRank 3 links, and a link from a PageRank 7 page is worth 500+ PR 3 links. So, links from quality and trusted websites are worth more to your rankings in search engines. Think in terms of quality, not quantity, when you are going to promote your website.

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