Common Issues with Ajax and its impact on SEO–Part 2

seo for ajax part 2
Before we give details about the best practices that you can apply to optimize your Ajax, it is better to first look at some common issues that Ajax based websites encounter. It is likely that you will face the following issues when analyzing and optimizing Ajax for clients:

Mandatory JavaScript style design effects
— Accessibility problems
— Search engine optimization (SEO) issues caused by lack of indexing by nonJavascript conscious spiders tied with one-page architecture issues

Perception of browser and code errors by users

Network effects
— Delays in response time when the user expects immediacy
— Timeouts and data delays because of discontinuous network issues
— Lack of proper network and server error handling
— Data ordering problems

One Page structural design effects
— Breaking the Back button
— Difficulty with standard web analytics programs
— Index ability issue with deep content by crawlers


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  4. There are many people out there who feel that Ajax’ifying your page that is, making it so the page content can change/update without full page refreshes automatically puts you at odds with SEO and with Accessibility. But this is usually where the confusion takes over and we lose sight.

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