Ajax and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Part 1 – Overview

seo for ajax part 1
Ajax is a cross platform set of technologies that facilitates developers to build webpages that act more interactively, like applications. It uses a mixture of CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, and some other data—usually XML or JSON for sending and receiving or in other words parsing the response, so that data can be exchanged asynchronously. This allows partial page updates in reply to user input, reducing server transfer back and forth to a minimum and this also reduces the wait time. Properly coded, Ajax pages change the old full page rendering, click and wait method with efficient partial page redraws, thereby increasing response times and interactivity.

Later on, in next parts of this series of SEO for Ajax, I will start to make a relation with SEO and what impact can Ajax have on SEO. How one should conduct and implement a proper SEO methodology for Ajax technology.

The infrastructure pattern now known as Ajax was created before 2005. Web developers using DHTML, iframes, Applets and Flash Objects had examined with better-off communication forms that resulted in a more desktop like taste of the web application. Eventually, the objective of Ajax is to boost conversion rates through a faster, more user friendly web experience. Unfortunately, un-optimized Ajax can cause performance issues, the appearance of application vulnerability, and user confusion. It can even damage your search engine rankings. The purpose of this series is to help you stay away from these possible pitfalls and harvest the rewards of Ajax.

We will go in much detail in subsequent parts of the series, here I am just going to summarize the best practices for Ajax web applications for performance, reliability and usability:

Ajax and SEO best practices

  • Applying Ajax correctly to a problem
  • Using a well created and supported Ajax library – like JQuery
  • Reducing HTTP request requirements
  • Choosing the right data format for transmission
  • Ensuring that network accessibility concerns are addressed
  • Employing a JavaScript cache
  • Carefully polling for user input
  • Providing an alternate approach for search engines when JavaScript is turned off
  • Saving state


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  13. Hi...i think AJAX and SEO is a tricky topic – after all, an AJAX-based website is more or less the same as a FLASH website: it may look fancy but is non-navigatable.

    AJAX got its bad SEO reputation for a number of reasons, including:

    - crawling issues (you are risking not getting all of your content crawled)

    – indexing issues (you are risking not getting all of your content indexed)

    – broken website navigation and useless address bar (because all pages load under the same URL)

    – useless back/next/reload buttons

    – potential cloaking issues – which may be unintentional – where the user sees different content than the crawler

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