Top Factors to Rank High in Search Engines

Most people think that PageRank is the only factor to rank high in search engines but Google uses many parameters of a site to rank search results. Google uses many signals to calculate the rank of a page. I have concluded the most common factors in best practices implementation for search engine optimization. This is a quick checklist against which you can benchmark your website.
  • Use of Keywords in Title tag and their relevancy
  • Text contained in the anchors of incoming links
  • Unique and quality Content
  • Global link popularity of a website
  • Linking structure within the site itself
  • Relevancy of inbound links
  • Use of Keywords in main content area of the pages
  • Use of keywords in Meta tags and their relevancy to content
  • Global link popularity of linking sites
  • Proper and controlled keyword stuffing in content
  • Use of alt tags in images
  • Professional website design
  • W3C compliant (see W3C guidelines for details)
  • Fast server response
  • Age of website
  • Fresh content
  • RSS feeds for readers
  • Magazine subscriptions for increasing relevant traffic
  • Social media bookmarking
  • Blogging

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