Branding your Business Online – 8 Important Steps

branding your business online - 8 steps
There are hundreds of thousands of businesses out there trying to create their space online and come struggling to become visible to the world from isolation. Branding is what we think make a business standout from the rest in their competition. Making a brand stronger and popular online is not very difficult but there are certain things one needs to understand and implement accordingly to achieve success in the long run.

Many people in the world are searching online to find the solution of their problems and issues no matter whether it relates to their personal or business domain. A good number of these people, you can say more than 80% search through Google and the rest on few other popular search engines. So if you have business – no matter on which scale and locality, there is always a room for you to let it be visible to the world. You should have online presence and should Re-engineer your business processes and make the most out of this fascinating world. If your business has capability to hit the international market, you are one of the strong candidates to be considered for branding online. Now the question is how to accomplish it, when to go for it and what to do to make your brand stronger. Below are 8 most important steps to Brand your business online. You can also consider this a checklist for you, while you read, check all those apply and see where you are missing on these.

8 Steps to Branding

1. First you should have a unique and appealing logo for your business. It is better if your logo represent what you do. Make it prominent on your website, give it an appearance on the address bar and mention it when you make business correspondence to someone.

2. Make your home page easy to understand and let the visitor grasp your business in no time. Instead of listing down feature of your product or service on the main page, specify what your customers will benefit and how you product or service is going to fulfill their needs.

3. Make active participation in online forums and Blogs in your niche area. Leave comments and make use of your experience and knowledge while commenting that you got in your area. Don’t just say thank you or it’s a nice post. Do appreciate the idea and add your thoughts on it and then leave back a link to your own website. It will not only increase the traffic but will also promote the brand awareness in people which are interested in your business area.

4. Make a Blog for your own website and update it regularly. Write on articles, mention coming soon things, new releases or whatever you may consider will be interesting, informative and beneficial for your customer.

5. Make an active presence in social media. This is very important step that you never ignore. Create an account on Facebook and make a Facebook Fan Page for your business. Market it with proper keywords and get the targeted audience. Facebook Ads are not much expensive, you can get many Fans in few days. Keep your community alive with regular updates. Also create Twitter account and brand it as well with unique look and feel which shows your business accurately. Leave a contact number, business email address and other necessary things in case if someone want to contact you after finding you on twitter. If you have enough time, you should also consider other social media platforms as well to brand your business even more stronger and popular.

6. Make your brand appear in popular magazines or journals. Press releases are sometimes the most effective way to promote your brand and it also gives you the targeted customers. Choose the best magazines in your business area and send press release after every few months.

7. Publish Newsletters and provide your customers an option to subscribe to it. If your business updates are on frequent basis, you may send newsletter on weekly basis otherwise send it after each month.

8. Optimize your website for the primary keyphrases/keywords that you consider to be important for your business. You can also take the services of SEO expert to do this for you. Keep close co-ordination with him during this period and ask what approach he will use to accomplish higher rankings in search engines. You can also understand the concept behind optimization and what needs to be done. Read the article I wrote on SEO optimization and get the idea.


    1. being active in social media is a good thing to do..interact with the audience of your site...
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    2. If you think only big corporate names need to think about things like brand names, think again. Your brand says a
      lot about you and your business, and that's as true for a one person home-based operation as it is for a multinational conglomerate. In this article we look at how creating a strong brand for your business can help you set
      yourself apart from the pack and lay the right foundation for the future growth of your business.


      Your brand is more than just the logo on your letterhead and business cards or your business name. It is your corporate identity. An effective brand tells the world who you are, what you do and how you do it, while at the same time establishing your relevance to and credibility with your prospective customers.

      Your brand is also something more ethereal. It is how your business is perceived by its customers. If your brand has a high perceived value, you enjoy many advantages over your competition, especially when it comes to pricing. Why do you think people are prepared to pay stupid money for items of clothing with the initials "CK" on them? Perceived value. Perceived value as a result of very effective brand promotion resulting in very high brand awareness.

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      I read your post and i like your per you say branding is most necessary for every company. i want more information on branding.

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    4. Branding is very important in online marketing. It creates the whole package that would attract the target market and the potential market as well. In branding, you need to have concept and that concept should merge with your product to acquire brand recognition. Even a simple yogurt is given a justified brand name here in Orange County. Search engine optimization also helps in building brand recognition to product or services offered by a company. There are a lot of means in branding, we just need to be more creative with the resources that we have.

    5. Nice tips Rafiq. Thanks for sharing. It is really helpful.

    6. Interesting facts given by you. Specially the Logo design. That's the most impactful thing for any brand

    7. Good facts. I was actually thinking of something that will make a site unique, stunning and one of a kind. Maybe this is the answer. I hope it will be effective.

    8. Logo is a main thing for our site and their reputation. Every business owner getting better style and look in their logo as well unique.

    9. Very comprehensive and great information you have shared in your post and i think these points and tips are the right way to brand your business online according to my experience i think the most important thing is "Make an active presence in social media" because billion people are their on social media therefor its very fast and cheap way to promote your brands.